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Employer - Moeschi on collins

05/09/2012 - Garrod Keightley - 2012
Garrod Keightley

“At Moeschi on Colin we have always had the highest regard for the level of training delivered to our apprentices from Taylorweir.

We have supported the school from its inception and have maintained a close relationship. All our apprentices have enjoyed and still enjoy attending the school and know how fortunate they are to be learning in this environment.

We have never had to ask for updates about where our apprentices are, they are always fed to us via email or personally. The quality of the teaching is unmatched, a credit to those who work there, and last but not least the overall standard, constant striving for change really makes Taylorweir the premier Training facility in Perth.

Employer- Artistic Visions

05/09/2012 - Bernice Barrett - 2012

“I have been in business now for 11 years. I have employed many apprentices throughout this time. Taylorweir International School of Hairdressing has been my choice of off the job training provider from the beginning.

I couldn't think of better support than Taylorweir. If I have a concern with the training or speed of learning with any of my apprentices I am always comfortable to make an appointment to discuss the progress of the student. I'm always made welcome and the staff are so helpful in addressing all or any issue.

Certificate III Student

05/09/2012 - Robyn O'Brien - 2012
Robyn O'Brien

“The best aspects of my training was the way the trainers explained and shared with us the different aspects of what to do and what not to do. I have learnt and grown here so much. I can’t wait to use the knowledge and skills I have learnt here in a salon. A big thank you to all my lecturers and the staff at Taylorweir for encouraging me and for the support over the years. I will miss you all.”

Certificate III Student

05/09/2012 - Jessica Mills - 2012

“I just want to say thank you to all the lecturers for everything! I just loved how you were always there watching, and always explaining things over and over again. I would recommend this college to anyone who is looking for a school that has such beautiful people willing to help. Everything was amazing!


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