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International Student

05/09/2012 - Ritu Mann, India - 2012
Ritu Mann

I gained from such  great knowledge from Taylorweir regarding hairdressing through the high standard, brilliant way of teaching, delivery of lessons and support of the lecturers. That’s why I feel I am very lucky with the chance to study here. I loved it!

I will always be proud to say that I am a student of Taylorweir. And I would like to suggest to all my friends that they DO NOT miss a chance like this!

International Student

05/09/2012 - Pauline McEvoy, United Kingdom - 2012
Pauline McEvoy

“Taylorweir educates students to become quality hairdressers. The  itinerary is set out to develop your understanding and skills so you are prepared for live models.  Another college I attended focused on the quantity rather than quality of students passing.

The lecturers at the college have all been hairdressers therefore they are very passionate about their skills which I find is something you can use as motivation to make you become better. They keep lessons interesting using experiences from their careers, for example famous characters they dressed for wigs, or how lethal chemicals in hairspray used to kill flies!! It’s fascinating how much there is to learn and keep learning in the industry.”

International Student

05/09/2012 - Vipulbhai Limbachiya, India - 2012
Vipulbhai Limbachiya

“I enjoy coming to the school. I feel really happy about the staff and the  other students, everyone is helpful and understanding. I know everything that I am learning here at Taylorweir is really beneficial for me, now and in future.

The instructors are extremely helpful and up-to-date with all fashion trends needed in this industry. My two-year career goal is to finish school and hopefully, if everything works out for me , to open a small salon in perth. If I achieve this goal then Taylorweir is the best hairdressing college in Western Australia.”

International Student

05/09/2012 - Sarbjit Kaur, India - 2012
Sarbjit Kaur

“For me personally, this college made me confident for this industry. When I first started it was like a scary journey, but as time progressed I learned more and more and found I enjoyed it very much as well.

The level of support from teachers really helped me. Now I have become a confident hair stylist, which has led me to get job in a fantastic salon. My experience at Taylorweir is very positive and worthwhile. I would like to thank all my loving & friendly lecturers.”


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